The idea for a Meals on Wheels program for the State College School District area originated in March 1971 as a Lenten project of the State College Ministerium led by the Rev. Canon James B. Trost of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and The Rev. Peter Mackey of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ. The Ministerium worked with members of The Altrusa Club of State College and Church Women United to fund this program.

A task force was developed to put together a Meals on Wheels Program and consisted of the following:

Lillian Husted, Chair
The Rev. Peter Mackey
Dr. Rose Cologne
Ann Cook
Eleanor Eccelston
Louise B. Hamilton
Mary Lou Herlocher
The Rev. Canon James B. Trost
Margaret Yost
Charles Weyandt, attorney, drafted the original bylaws
First Board of Directors (1971):
Eleanor Eccleston, President 
Bill Jeffries
Frances Forbes 
Adele Haugh
Ken Kulp
Madge Spearly 
John Swinton 
The Rev. James Trost

First Meal Served:  August 16, 1971 to 28 clients

Executive Directors:
1971-1985 Margaret Yost
1985-1986 Christine Helwig, Interim
1986-1988 Teresa M. Reis, RD
1988-2014 Anna Carol Buffington, RD, LDN
2014-2020    Christine Tyler
2020-2021   Suelynn Shiller
2022-Present Michael Brindley

Meals on Wheels Presidents:
1971-1974 Eleanor Eccleston, R.D.
1974-1975 Lillian Husted
1975-1977 Louise W. Hamilton, R.D.
1977-1978 Ken H. Kulp
1978-1981 H. K. “Hank” Anders
1981-1984 Thurston Reeves
1984-1985 John Swinton
1986-1989 Ethel Quarles
1989 Blair Bice
1989 Adele Haugh
1990-1991 Helene Rayburn
1992-1995 Harold Walton
1996-1997 Helen Schroeder
1998-2000 Glen Haney
2001-2002 Joel Mock
2003-2004 Donn Frazier
2005 Michael Conti
2005-2015 William Haner
2016-2018 Michael Scott
2019-Present Sharon Ambrose

Program Milestone:  Five-day per week service initiated the week of June 15-19, 2015.  50 clients received meals for the first time on a Tuesday (June 16, 2015).