Why Meals on Wheels?

Home-delivered meals enable clients to age independently or heal in the comfort of their homes, thereby helping clients maintain a positive mental outlook, sustain social connections, and even help keep their families intact.  On the state level, approximately 15% of Pennsylvania’s senior citizens face food insecurity or threat of hunger (Source: Meals on Wheels Association of Pennsylvania). Individuals who are food insecure are less likely to have good nutritional habits and are at higher risk of chronic health conditions and depression.  By providing a regular source of nutritional meals, Meals on Wheels fights food insecurity and senior hunger and promotes better health and quality of life.  Clients also benefit from a brief, but daily, social interaction when a volunteer delivers the freshly made meals to the client’s door. 

In addition to feeding food insecure seniors, Meals on Wheels is saving taxpayer dollars. Providing nutritious meals to seniors who are “aging in place” is a very cost effective method of caring for our elders.  The cost of an assisted living residence or nursing home ranges from $70,000 to as much as $100,000 annually versus the cost of providing home-delivered meals at $3,600.  State College Meals on Wheels, with its 50-year history of service to the State College area, has shown that with community support, non-profit organizations can meet the growing demands of its clientele while remaining fiscally sound and viable.

Results of a recent client survey by State College Meals on Wheels indicated 33% of respondents were unable to contribute to the cost of their meals.  These figures show that many seniors are in need of services, especially those who are in the lower income bracket.  Since Meals on Wheels provides service without regard to a client’s ability to pay, all those in need have access. 

To apply for meals, fill out and submit the Meals Application Form on the “Receiving Meals” tab on this website, or call State College Meals on Wheels at (814) 237-8135.