Available Diets

Available Diets


REGULAR MEALS.  Using the USDA's recommendations for foods and portion sizes found on their website, https://www.choosemyplate.gov, we provide a well-balanced diet and an attractive, colorful plate. Each of our meals contains a protein, whole grain, vegetable, and fruit as well as the choice of refreshing beverage (juice or 1% milk).  Our cook prepares all meals from scratch on the morning of food delivery and in the kitchen at Grace Lutheran Church where we operate.  One day per week (usually Wednesday) we serve a fresh-baked dessert, e.g., slice of cake, two cookies, or piece of pie.  Those who receive a diabetic diet do not usually receive dessert unless it is sugar-free, such as sugar-free gelatin.  We usually include extra fruit for those who cannot eat sugar. 

ALL MEALS ARE LOWER SODIUM.  Sodium occurs naturally in some foods and is added during the manufacturing process to other foods. Realizing that some clients want to lower sodium in their diets, we try to control for sodium through the following practices:

  • Cook and prepare food using fresh herbs and spices instead of salt.
  • Purchase fresh and low-salt or no-salt frozen produce and meat.
  • Purchase lower sodium cheese and luncheon meats for Cold Meals, whenever those products are available.

DIABETIC. Individuals who need a diabetic meal will receive our regular meal without the weekly dessert, unless the dessert is sugar-free. We purchase and use fresh, frozen, and canned fruit in fruit juice only.  We do not purchase fruit products that have added sugar or fructose in them.

RENAL.  Clients who are renal patients receive meals that limit potassium and sodium in the diet. We avoid foods that are not beneficial to renal patients including citrus, cheese and dairy, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, and prepackaged foods.

VEGETARIAN.  We are happy to prepare meals that do not include meat; however, due to time, personnel, and other constraints, we cannot provide vegan meals.

MECHANICALLY ALTERED MEALS:  CHOP, CUT, PUREED.  If a client is experiencing difficulty with chewing or swallowing, we can provide a meal with food that is chopped into small pieces.  For those who cannot cut their food, especially meat and fresh fruit, we will gladly do that for the client.  We can also provide pureed meals for those who require a softer meal.   Our overall desire is to make the meals nutritious, delicious and easy to eat.

FOOD ALLERGY.  We do our very best to ensure that clients with a food allergy receive meals that have been prepared without contact with the allergen.  In some circumstances, however, we may ask for a doctor’s note regarding the nature and severity of the allergy.